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The SmartThings smart home platform has been helping people add automation and usage flexibility to their homes for over ten years. Formerly known as Samsung SmartThings, Samsung still develops the software for the platform, but the hardware has moved to Aeotec. There is an extensive catalog of products that work with it from a hardware perspective — everything from sensors to refrigerators and so much more in between. So whether you are looking to expand your current smart home setup or are just getting started, these are the best SmartThings devices for your home.

These are the best SmartThings devices

Smart things for Smart Things

I’ve been using SmartThings for nearly seven years, and it keeps getting better. In order to keep up with the ever-evolving smart home landscape, SmartThings does an excellent job of continuing to add support for the latest IoT standards like the upcoming one called Matter. SmartThings is at the forefront of the smart home arena, and a major part of that is its ability to integrate with so many products.

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