Blackview BL8800 5G rugged smartphone review

30-second review

Smartphones with a true infrared camera are a rarity and rugged smartphone amateurs are lucky to have three they can buy, the Doogee S96 Protea Doogee V20 and the third we’re reviewing today, the Blackview BL8800. Compared to the others, it is cheap and relatively cheerful once you go past its bland and unassuming design. It is equipped with a big battery, is relatively speedy and its large display is ideal for fun and work.

The lack of a microSD card slot can be problematic though as it only has 128GB storage, which could be a problem if you want to use it as a pseudo night vision CCTV for example. However, this shouldn’t distract you from the real bargain that the BL8800 is. Should Blackview decide to keep its price south of $300 after the promotional period, it should be high on your purchase list.

(Image credit: Future)

Blackview BL8800: Pricing and availability

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