NBA, Memphis Grizzlies blogger talks journey

Nine years ago, I created an anonymous Twitter account called ‘Made in Memphis’ to talk about Memphis Grizzlies basketball. Three years ago today, after it had grown to become the most followed Grizzlies’ fan account in the city, I told everybody who I was.

Today, I am saying goodbye.

In retrospect, Made In Memphis has been one of the most crucial parts of my identity for almost half of my life. When I created the account at 12 years old, because my middle school friends were tired of me live-tweeting Grizzlies games on my personal Twitter, I genuinely believed nobody would ever follow it.

If I was lucky, maybe I’d rack up a community of 50 or so people to banter with throughout Grizzlies games. But even if I didn’t, I didn’t care. Because I was able to talk about what I loved with an audience — however big or small — who wanted to listen.

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