Surface Duo 2 picks up 3rd party messaging app support for Glance Bar, Slim Pen 2 enhancements, improved charging, and more

  • The June 8 update is now out for Surface Duo 2.
  • The update is 736MB in size and brings the version to 2022.418.98.
  • The update finally enables support for more messaging apps in Glance Bar.
  • The update also improves Slim Pen 2 and delivers general system improvements, including for the camera.
  • Surface Duo (original) also received a June update that “improves device stability.”

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 update is out for June, and unlike the last two, this one is a big one coming in at 736MB. But besides sheer size, there is also a lot to talk about for new features (opens in new tab) and improvements.

First up, the Glance Bar is finally getting the ability to support more than just missed calls, SMS, voicemail, and Teams alerts. Users can now add in third-party “conversation apps” like WhatsApp and Telegram with matching icons.

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