Zach LaVine is Art, How to Read Rumors, Free Agent and Trade Value, and Other Bulls Bullets

The only problem with this video is that it’s not an hour longer:

• Honestly, it’s hard not to want the Bulls to smack a blank check down in front of Zach LaVine after watching that video. As far as aesthetically-pleasing players go, LaVine is one of the most enjoyable athletes to watch in this game. He’s a three-level scorer who efficiently dominates on the most important side of the ball in today’s game. Whether it by his effortless high-flying dunks, his smooth step-back 3s, or his turnaround midrange jumpers, LaVine’s toolbox is as crisp as they come. And, at 27 years old, he’s only set to add to that toolbox.

• I know the eye test isn’t the right thing to use to justify a $200+ million deal. But it should at least be like 15 percent of the conversation, right? I mean, the whole point is to invest in talent that people want to watch. Franchises are always hunting those players who can stuff a highlight reel better than a Panda bear can stuff a church kid’s blazer. LaVine has an innate ability to draw out oohs and aahs from the crowd, and I don’t see that ability going away any time soon.

• One last thing on that video: Would the Bulls post it if they weren’t confident LaVine was staying in town? Look, technically, LaVine is a member of the Bulls until the league calendar year ends and he’s officially an unrestricted free agent. But the Bulls have not shied away one bit from continuing to promote him as the face of the franchise. He was a part of the Bulls in Paris announcement, the team used him in a Stranger Things-inspired promo, and he was heavily featured in a recent offseason hype video. Again, none of this means he’s for sure staying, but it would be an odd choice to publicize him in a Bulls uniform this much if the team thought he was about to walk out the door, right?

• The Athletic’s John Hollinger released his latest BORD$ valuations for the upcoming free-agent class. The model basically determines how much a player is worth in relation to the rest of the league, and I always think it’s a worthwhile read. For those questioning whether LaVine is fit for a max contract, Hollinger does put him in that tier, and he even says his valuation this year likely checked in low due to short-term injury trouble. Anyway, it’s always a fun read, so I encourage you to check it out below:

• From draft night rumors to Rudy Gobert talk, the Chicago Bulls are more present in the offseason rumor mill than they’ve been in a long time. With that said, there is something I want to say: Make sure to take all of these things with a grain of salt. While there is no denying that some smoke might lead to fire, most rumors end up holding very little weight. That isn’t to say we shouldn’t keep tabs on it all, but we just have to be cautious about how deep we dive into certain storylines. We also have to watch out for specific wording. Most of the reports that have come our way this summer have come via “rival executives.” Does that mean they aren’t true? No, but it doesn’t hold as much weight as rumors coming from “LaVine’s camp” or someone “inside the Bulls organization.” Just something to keep in mind.

• HoopsHype put out a fun post ranking the top-100 players with the highest trade value. LaVine checked in at No. 30, DeRozan and No. 43, Vucevic at No. 53, and Lonzo Ball at No. 66. If you’re interested, check it out here. All things considered, this is why I’m a little less worried about the Bulls’ future flexibility than I initially was last offseason. If the Bulls ever need to press the restart button or shake things up, they do have interesting and proven enough players that can likely draw a decent return.

• To be honest, if I played for the Bulls, Jordan would definitely turn me into a scared-for-his-life 2-year-old during practice.

• Uh, this sounds not great:


• Hopefully … good.

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