Environmentalists claim Line 5 shutdown wouldn’t affect gas prices much

Environmentalists fiercely opposed to Enbridge’s Line 5 said Wednesday the Canadian oil giant is lying about the prospect of gas prices climbing if the pipeline is shut down in a bid to gain the public’s favor.

During a virtual news conference, they cited court documents in a case involving an Indian tribe in which an Enbridge expert said transportation fuel prices would rise a half a hundred in Michigan and Wisconsin.

“For at least the last six months, Enbridge has been aware that the shutdown of Line 5 will not significantly impact gas prices,” said Sean McBrearty, the state legislative and policy director of Clean Water Action Michigan. “Energy experts and advocates have known that this is the case. We have been raising the alarm for years.”

The Midwest region — Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania — would pay between $4.8 billion and $5.9 billion more a year on gasoline and diesel, according to the study. The closure of Line 5 could increase regional fuel prices by 9.5% to 11.7%, if the fallout from prior disruptions to refineries due to natural disasters is any indication, according to a Consumers Energy Alliance study released in March.

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