Ivanka Trump Testimony ‘Sinks Daddy’: Donald Trump Critics React

While Thursday wasn’t a great day for Donald Trump’s supporters, those on the opposite end of the political spectrum rejoiced at the bombshell testimony of Ivanka Trump at the Jan. 6 hearing, as she appeared to turn her back on her father.

In the first hearing of the trial investigating the deadly riots that saw Trump supporters attacking the Capitol on January 6, 2021, Ivanka Trump, one of his most trusted supporters and advisers, appeared in a previously unseen video clip saying that she didn’t believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Following a video clip of Attorney General William Barr testifying that he told Trump at the time that the claims the election had been stolen were “complete nonsense,” “crazy stuff” and “bulls***,” as his team had not found evidence of voting fraud, Ivanka Trump said she accepted what Barr said.

“It affected my perspective [about the election] – I respect Attorney General Barr so I accepted what he said,” she said to the committee, who laid the blame for the attacks on the Capitol firmly on her father, calling the assault an “attempted coup.”

Her words are in stark contrast with the false claims Trump still stands by, alleging that he didn’t lose the 2020 election. Her testimony may also show that Trump’s closest aides were advising him against claiming the election had been rigged.

Hashtag ‘daddy’

In a bizarre moment in political commentary on the internet’s public square, the hashtag “Daddy” started trending on Twitter’s politics section after the hearing, together with the more tame#January6thCommitteeHearings#Ivanka, and #Traitor (mostly in reference to Trump himself).

“IVANKA TRUMP SINKS DADDY says she accepted Barr’s assessment that the fraud claim was nonsense. Goodness,” commented American sports commentator Keith Olbermann on Twitter.

“If anything will penetrate the GOP disinformation bubble, I’d think it would be statements from Ivanka, Pence, and Bill Barr,” wrote author and lawyer Teri Kanefield on Twitter, in praise of the Jan. 6 hearing’s bombshell testimonies.

“I mean, they’re not exactly radical Democrats or even “never Trump Republicans.”

Others were more ironic in their commentary of the testimony.

“I’ll bet you ten bucks Ivanka was just cut out of Trump’s will,” wrote former National Finance Chair of Draft Biden 2016 Jon Cooper on Twitter.

“Trump’s not gonna like that ivanka clip,” wrote journalist Molly Jong-Fast.

“#IvankaTrump: ‘I accepted what [then AG-Bill Barr] was saying.’ That is, that there was no election fraud. She is essentially calling her father a liar or a delusional con man. Maybe both,” wrote journalist David Corn.

Actor John Cusack wrote: “Ivanka trump – testified bill Barr told the truth – no election interference – said she believed Barr – pushed daddy under bus.”

Activist Amy Siskind raised the question of whether Ivanka Trump is distancing herself from her father as a tactical move suggesting she’s seeking her own path in American politics.

“Wondering if Ivanka has Presidential ambitions the way she is positioning herself with the Jan 6 committee and leaking her story to a NYT reporter as a so-called source in his book,” she wrote.

Ivanka Trump, daughter of former US President Donald Trump and a senior adviser, appears onscreen during a House Select Committee hearing to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the US Capitol, in the Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on June 9 , 2022. Critics said that Ivanka Trump “threw her daddy under the bus.”
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

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