Judge finds Michael Gableman in contempt during tense court appearance

MADISON – Former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and his Assembly office were held in contempt Friday after he refused to answer any questions about his handling of public records requests and lambasted a judge overseeing a lawsuit alleging Gableman is refusing to follow transparency laws governing his taxpayer- review funded of the 2020 election.

Dane County Circuit Judge Frank Remington ordered Gableman to testify Friday to help determine whether Gableman and the Assembly’s Office of Special Counsel created to examine the 2020 election were violating Remington’s orders to preserve public records and release them to requesters.

But Gableman said he was being “railroaded,” called Remington a partisan advocate and refused to answer anything beyond his name and occupation.

Dane County Circut Judge Frank Remington presides over a hearing where former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman was ordered to testify about his handling of public records on Friday in Madison.

The dramatic episode took place two days after Remington suggested one of Gableman’s staffers who had been put in charge of requests for records might need to think about getting his own attorney because of the possibility of jail time for disobeying court orders.

Gableman’s attorney, Michael Dean, said Remington’s suggestion terrified the staff member, Zakory Niemierowicz, and prompted Dean to advise Niemierowicz and Gableman to obtain their own counsel if jail time is possible.

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