Miami cop Javier Magarin allegedly hid Apple AirTags in ex’s car

A Florida police officer allegedly hid Apple AirTags in his ex-girlfriend’s car and bag to track and stalk her after she ended the relationship.

Miami-Dade cop Javier Magarin, 27, was arrested June 2 on one count of stalking and two counts of installing tracking devices, according to NBC Miami, which cited a police report.

The department has suspended Store with pay due to the charges involving the tracking devices, which are intended to help find lost items such as keys.

His girlfriend ended their relationship on March 20 “at the conclusion of a heated argument and repeated irreconcilable differences,” according to the report.

Magarin moved out of the home they shared but then began stalking her using the Apple devices – and also repeatedly called her, sent her text messages and emails, and contacted her on social media, officials said.

The woman was alerted to the AirTags after she heard the telltale device signal in her car. When she asked Store if he had placed a device in the vehicle, he denied doing so and she couldn’t find it.

Store eventually admitted he had placed a tracking device in his ex’s car, officials said.
Instagram / Javier Magarin

Magarin eventually admitted he had placed a tracking device under a mat in his trunk after his ex caught him sitting in his pickup truck outside his friend’s house a week after she ended things, officials said.

The woman warned Magarin “to stop interfering in her life or she would report the matter to his employer, and he responded via text by saying that he did not care because his life was already over,” the report said.

However, on April 1, she discovered that the cop had placed an AirTag in her handbag after he texted her the address of the apartment where she was visiting her cousin.

Store has been released on $6,000 bond.
Store has been released on $6,000 bond.
Instagram / Javier Magarin

He then alerted her that he was downstairs, officials said.

Over the next couple of days, the spurned man allegedly continued his campaign of harassment by “communicating his jealousy and ill feelings over what he believed to be betrayal for the victim being with another person,” the report states.

When she warned him she was going to obtain a restraining order, Magarin posted a photo on his Instagram page that showed a hand holding a handgun with the caption “I’ll do it in style for you,” the report said.

On April 21, Store also contacted her as she was getting ready to fly out of town and revealed details about her itinerary, according to the report.

When the airline told her that her reservation had been canceled the next day, she discovered that Magarin had logged into her email account without her knowledge.

A few days later, the woman detected the presence of another AirTag in the rear of her car. Miami-Dade detectives located it in the rear bumper undercarriage area.

The woman warned Store “to stop interfering in her life."
The woman warned Magarin “to stop interfering in her life.”
West Seneca Police Department

Magazine has been released on $6,000 bond after being booked into jail, according to records cited by NBC Miami. Attorney information was not immediately available.

“It is discouraging to learn that one of my officers was involved in an off-duty domestic incident which led to his arrest,” Miami-Dade Police Director George Perez told the outlet in a statement.

A man who said he was Magarin’s father proclaimed his son’s innocence on Wednesday.

“He’s totally innocent, that’s all I’m gonna say,” he told WPLG at the suspect’s Miami address.

News about the case comes after an Indiana woman allegedly used an Apple AirTag to track a man to a bar where he was meeting another lady — then fatally mow him down.

In February, Apple announced plans to add more safeguards to AirTags amid reports that the devices have been used to stalk people and steal vehicles, CNN reported.


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