Pennsylvanians urged to review transit options and apply for transportation assistance programs

Harrisburg, PA – Officials from the Pennsylvania departments of Transportation (PennDOT) and Human Services (DHS) recently urged Pennsylvanians to use Find My Ride (FMR) to learn about public transit options and apply for transportation assistance programs. The participants underscored transit’s critical role in getting people to work and medical appointments while connecting them to their … Read more

3D-Printed Medical Devices: Grappling With Legal Issues

Bloomberg Law

3D-printing technology has the power to revolutionize health care by developing innovative clinical solutions and creating new therapies adapted to patients’ unique needs. But, as traditional medical device manufacturers collaborate with health-care providers to bring the printing process closer to the point of care (PoC), stakeholders must grapple with a minefield of health-care laws both … Read more

Sibress launches FADS3D flexo plate measuring device

Manufacturer of measuring and analysis systems for flexo Sibress has launched the new FADS3D mobile measuring device for two- and three-dimensional analysis of flexographic plates. The new product can additionally be used in semi-automatic mode for measuring metal-backed photopolymer printing plates (letterpress plates). The newly developed FADS3D is patent-pending and part of Sibress’systematic drive to … Read more

Securing your IoT with Edge Secured-core devices

A recent study conducted by Microsoft in partnership with Ponemon Institute included a survey of companies that have adopted IoT solutions and 65 percent of them mentioned that security is a top priority when implementing IoT. Attacks targeting IoT devices put businesses at risk. Impacted devices can be bricked, held for ransom, employed as launch … Read more

Is Your Smartphone Spoiling Your Vacations?

If the aim of taking a hard-earned, long-awaited personal vacation truly is to “get away from it all”, detach from the daily grind, get some in R&R, etc., why do we keep ourselves tethered by our smartphones? The whole point is to take a break from the beatdown of work and social pressures, get back … Read more

Dillon council supports childcare assistance program

Dillon Town Council heard a presentation from local childcare industry members about a potential fund to support infant and toddler education programs.Luke Vidic/Summit Daily News Leaders in the county’s early childcare industry presented the Dillon Town Council with the hopes of starting a countywide early childhood education fund. The council voiced unanimous approval. Early Childhood … Read more

OURFlorida Rental Assistance Halts Applications

The US Treasury-funded program spent over $1.3B, helped 228K residents and closed to applications on May 12 – but some local programs may still offer aid. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The only statewide, government-funded initiative that helped residents struggling to afford recent price hikes in the rental housing market is no longer accepting applications. OURFlorida, an … Read more

NMSU’s Migrant Assistance Program receives millions in grant funds to continue on

The program also receives support from the New Mexico state Legislature. LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) – The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) at New Mexico State University has received a $2.4 million grant from the US Department of Education’s Office of Migrant Education that’ll sustain for a 5-year period through 2027 to service students of … Read more

Disaster assistance for individuals, households, and small businesses | Local News

There are many misconceptions about the type and amount of disaster assistance available from FEMA to individuals, households, and small businesses after a disaster. FEMA’s grant programs are meant to serve as a last resort for funding. Many times, families find out the hard way that they were under-insured for their losses or that their … Read more